Parke Road


Parke Road

  • Location:Barnes
  • Status:In-Planning
  • Client:Private Domestic

shape+ has been appointed to design a new family home on Parke Road in Barnes. This unique plot addresses two roads providing a real opportunity to contribute towards the streetscape. The proposal provides a modern living arrangement across four levels including accommodation in the roof space and a well-lit basement, making best use of this site.

As the scheme developed, we worked closely with the consultant team to submit a robust planning application.

The design takes cues from local context and with a careful mix of details will deliver a high-quality attractive addition to Parke and Galata Road, thereby positively contributing to the streetscape respecting both the character of the area and amenity of the neighbouring properties.

A fabric-first approach has been taken, with materials from the existing house re-used where possible. The proposed house will far exceed all current energy and sustainability standards giving our client an elegant, green family home.