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advocating for sustainability

A solutions-orientated team who unapologetically advocate for bold visions of the future. The action we take today matters, and at Foxall Munro we drive the paradigm shifts needed to make a positive impact. We work with integrity because we care deeply about the world we live in. Action today, impact tomorrow, integrity always.

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You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

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Damian in conversation with Carbon Compensation partners, Seatrees. Celebrating a great partnership.

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our values


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Placing ourselves as an integral and dependent part of the natural world, reframes our role as individuals and organisations. Protecting and restoring natural ecosystems is vital to fighting climate change. Our Why: Nature-based solutions could provide 37% of the cost-effective CO2 mitigation needed by 2030 to maintain global warming within 2°C.

Our Why: Nature-based solutions could provide 37% of the cost-effective CO2 mitigation needed by 2030 to maintain global warming within 2°C.

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We promote policy change, education, and action at a governing body, organisation and peer level to create an inclusive, empathetic and informed culture that celebrates and enables the potential of all individuals. We advocate specifically on issues of safeguarding, inclusion and retention.

Our Why: 900 people in a survey of 4000 have experienced harassment, abuse or assault in the sport of sailing. Safe and inclusive spaces are integral to any working environment.

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In order to achieve Net Zero emissions by the year 2050, major transformation will be needed across all parts of society. Recognizing the responsibility that the private sector have to operate in a finite world, we provide the tools and blueprints to empower organisations to make measurable change.

Our Why: There is a significant gap between current emissions from private sector activities and the target of reaching Net Zero. Accounting for 90% of global GDP, it possesses significant resources and responsibilities in driving the transition.


Data Informed Decisions

If you can't measure it, you can't manage it. We use robust measurement methodologies in order to make informed decisions.

Amplifying Networks

The power of people. We harness the power of collective action to build momentum around a broad set of sustainable operational standards within different industries.

Sharing Economy

When we share, everyone wins. For all our work, we create a legacy of blueprints and accessible resources for others to implement, learn from and build on.

Financing the Transition

Investing in the future. Finance is a critical part of the just transition. We advocate for a more ethical approach to where funds are kept and how they’re distributed.

Rules of Engagement

Challenging the status quo. Policies and rules define or limit our ability to act, we work with decision makers to redefine the rules of engagement and shape the future.