Top Bitcoin Documentaries

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One thing that is very important to remember about cryptocurrency is that it usually only garners attention in short spurts. This occurs in line with a huge price increase over a short period of time. 2013. 2015. 2017. Major price fluctuations that captured the world’s attention.


These temporary moments of light being shown on digital currency makes for limited documentation of it’s journey, and it’s potential. The lens of big media and outsiders can sometimes paint a less than optimistic view of what crypto means to the world. So as you go through this list, keep that in mind.

Banking On Bitcoin (2016)

One of the best, most recent documentaries about Bitcoin and blockchain technology. It’s a balanced examination of the digital currency space during 2014-2015. This was right after a prominent Bitcoin trading exchange known as Mt. Gox, reportedly lost 850,000 of its customers Bitcoins. As a result regulation was heightened topic of discussion.


Particular attention is given to companies that were trying to launch in the United States, as well as some extremely insightful interviews with notable names in the cryptocurrency space. Among them were Charlie Shrem, Erik Voorhees, and the Winklevoss twins.


The documentary dives deep into the history, interviewing cryptographer David Chaum, the creator of digital cash. This is what many credit as the genesis moment for all digital economic models, including the eventual creation of cryptocurrency.

Life on Bitcoin (2014)

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Today, the prospect of living off of digital currency alone seems a little daunting. Imagine trying to do it in 2013. Back then Bitcoin was hovering just above $100, leading up to the fall when it would explode north of $1,000, gaining endless media attention, only to have the price crash back down to under $300 less than 10 months later. Eerily familiar to 2017/2018 right?


The documentary follows a newlywed couple who tries to live off of Bitcoin only for 90 days. You’re not going to learn much about blockchain technology or who Satoshi Nakamoto was. However, this micro-economic view of the struggle early adopters have trying to explain and interact with the traditional world has many evergreen moments in it.


The Rise & Rise of Bitcoin (2014)


An industry favorite, this information-heavy documentary takes a more personal approach by following a software engineer as he navigates this emerging technology revolution and his adventures in Bitcoin mining. It provides another perspective to the general public; an average joe doing his best for his family.


The usual suspects appear in this documentary as well. Charlie Shrem, the Winklevoss twins, etc. However, we get a better look at Mark Karpelès, the CEO of Mt. Gox. A short tour of the servers for Mt. Gox, an interview, and the eventual downfall of him and his company.


Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It

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If you didn’t already hate the banking system, you will once you’re done watching this documentary. Taking the long road of explaining the history of currency and the perversion of the financial industry today, the story ends with a very convincing message that the future of currency is digital.


Bitcoin was invented at the very beginning of 2009, right after the global financial collapse, thanks to those big banks. It was the perfect storm that opened the door for a new way of handling money. The continued centralization of financial power at the top had only wreaked havoc on the world. So in response, society created a decentralized system that didn’t depend on governments and banks. It’s important to note, the fight is just beginning…

Other Notable Films

The list of documentaries about cryptocurrency is short. The list of quality ones is even more so. Here is a few other films worth your time to truly feel the positive impact of what digital currency can do for the world.


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