Cryptocurrency YouTubers Who Are A Must Watch

Monday 18th-11:50 am



One of the more senior channels on this list, created in February 2017, Boxmining tackles the gambit of cryptocurrency. “Leave no stone unturned” is taken seriously by the face of the channel, Michael Gu. A video game developer turned blockchain expert, Gu’s reach is global when it comes to digital currency.


The greatest attribute assigned to Boxmining is ‘trust-worthy.’ Something that is hard to find in cryptocurrency. Sticking to the informational side of the industry, Micheal and his team and carved out a nice piece of the crypto landscape dedicated to education. Between analysis videos and developer interviews, there is plenty to be appreciated from new and experience investors alike.



Run by a gentleman by the name Omar who is based in Los Angeles, Crypt0 has been talking about cryptocurrency for quite some time. His first Ethereum-based video was published on June 1st, 2016, making him an OG on this list of YouTubers.


With a high production quality, his unpolished, honest approach to presenting the news of the digital currency space is entertaining and informative. He builds a bridge of trust between his viewers and the information he is providing them. And if you’re really interested, go back to pre-June 2016 and jam out to his many cover videos of popular songs.


Doug Polk


Professional Poker Player turned cryptocurrency investor, Doug Polk has become a staple among cryptocurrency subscribers. Rarely can a conversation about crypto end without someone making a reference to Polk. His no holds bar, honest approach to his videos is only match by his sense of humor that oozes through each video.


Are you going to learn a lot about cryptocurrency by watching his channel? Maybe. It’s more like crypto-tainment. Not the lambo-driving, buy this training package kind. Just plain, fun entertainment that will also keep you informed on the bigger news within the industry. His scam platform bashing videos are worth the price of admission alone.




Nothing is a sure thing in cryptocurrency, but these guys are pretty close. They are constantly reviewing and introducing Altcoins to their viewers that have a tendency to moon the days and weeks after they review them. Consistently reviewed as some of the most knowledge commentators within digital currency.


In the current environment where no one knows what an altcoin can or will do, it’s great to get an expert opinion on the trajectory of a select few. If the Youtube videos aren’t enough information for you, check out their Altcoin Buzz Podcast to get even more insight. Their podcast is stocked with founders and CEOs, gaining direct knowledge from the people behind hotly anticipated ICOs and platforms.


Sunny Decree


For some international flavor, Sunny Decree is a great source of information for investors. The unofficial crypto representative of Switzerland. His European frankness makes his videos a breath of fresh air from all of the broken record of “I’m not your financial advisor” videos you see on Youtube.


Mixing feedback about announcements with technical analysis (even though he says he doesn’t believe in it), Decree is a valuable source of information. He especially enjoys calling out scam platforms, famously switching from supporting Bitconnect months before the collapse, warning his viewers almost on a daily basis on the way to the end.


Crypto Blood

My favorite thing to say about Crypto Blood’s channel is this gentleman has some flavor. He has a very specific style that mixes crypto-tainment with actual useful technical information. That is a rarity to find in YouTubers who are in this space. He spreads his investments and what he covers across multiple strategies. Algorithms and trading bots, manual trades, shorts, etc.


Add in his interviews with industry experts and you have a fully developed channel. Unfortunately, there aren’t many crypto Youtubers who are African American. To have Crypto Blood stay true to his style while covering all the aspects of crypto trading, it’s a vital addition to the tapestry of Youtube’s crypto content. With only 8k subscribers, look for that number to climb quickly as his content grows.




If you’re a fan of the numbers, you’ll truly enjoy the work being done at CoinMastery. They have top of the line technical analysis that is easily understood by novice traders. Despite cryptocurrency being such a volatile industry, the man behind the machine, Carter Thomas tends to focus on longer term investments that you’d hodl.


Active across multiple platforms, you can find CoinMastery on Twitter and as a stand alone podcast. On top of his technical skills when it comes to analyzing charts, Carter also spend significant amount of time talking about the minds of investors. Group psychology and investor psychology are more tools to help you find indicators in the market.


Crypto Bobby


In cryptocurrency, it’s sometimes hard to find people or information that you can trust. Lately the standard is to assume something is a scam and then wait for the information to prove you otherwise. So when it comes to having a genuine voice of reason within the industry, Crypto Bobby is a welcomed discovery.


Pairing his Youtube Channel with his podcast, he offers a consistent, non-hyperbolic perspective to this highly volatile industry. All day it’s “to the moon!” or “it’s a scam!”. Truthfully, it usually lands somewhere in the middle and Crypto Bobby will help you discover which ones to take a longer look at and which ones to pass on.


Tone Vays


Think John McAfee Diet. A former Wall Street Risk Analyst, Vays takes his no nonsense, brash style to cryptocurrency, with polarizing effect. A lot of people hate him. A lot of people love him. Regardless of your personal opinion, he does has some solid opinions worth hearing.


A regular at most major cryptocurrency gatherings, Vays share this opinions freely within whomever will listen. His fans follow him for a variety of reasons, and some of them have little to interest in his crypto knowledge. They just want to hear what he has to say next. Has he earned that right? It’s unclear, but crypto provides an opportunity for someone lie Vays to enter and be a center of attention. Any press is good press, right?


Arcane Bear


Probably one of the most unique channels you’ll find on YouTube that also covers cryptocurrency. Run by Jonathan Gaucher, Arcane Bear starts as a blockchain-based channel dedicated to finding real world solutions to major issues. From there the channel branches out into dozens of subjects.


It’s multi-subject approach feels organics as you dive through the content. Passionate and informative, Arcane Bear is a bear trap chock full of information about anything from bitcoin to how we may be living in a virtual simulation. Nothing is off-limits when it comes to what’s connected to blockchain technology.




You’ll find DataDash on almost every single list of recommended Youtubers to watch. Nicholas Merten, the primary force behind the channel, covers anything and everything cryptocurrency. While some channel focus on a niche (mining, ICOs, etc.), DataDash provides content for any and all digital currency enthusiasts.


Everyone is human, and even DataDash couldn’t escape controversy. Nicholas was found out accepting roughly $300k in payment to promote Substratum. Issuing an apology video, he seems to have moved passed the whole incident. The incident hasn’t slowed his channel’s growth. Clocking in at almost 300,000 subscribers, DataDash is believed to be the largest cryptocurrency channel on Youtube.


That’s the list. Now open up your brain tanks, these channels will be giving you enough knowledge to jumpstart your cryptocurrency journey for weeks and months to come.