We are a startup crypto clothing brand from Southsea UK selling clothing based around everyones favourite crypt meme, ‘HODL’.

It can be easy to forget why we’re in crypto in the first place when the prices are falling, FUD is everywhere and friends are panic selling left, right and centre. Our minimalist brand lets you represent the hodl philosophy in style. Smart enough to wear to a crypto conference, yet casual enough to wear to the pub.

Our Hodl logo T is available all year around but keep an eye out for our limited edition design series we’ll be introducing soon. 150 prints per design and once they’re gone, they’re gone. It’s nice to wear something you know is unique and not many people own. That’s why we’re putting a print limit on our designs.

This illustration is the first of a three part limited edition series coming this summer. Subscribe to our email alerts to be notified once it’s in stock.